Repair & Restore

Bondo - 3M

The Bondo® brand offers a complete line of fillers and accessories - putties and glazes, undercoatings, and tools - for many applications including automotive, household, marine, hobby, and many others.

Subcategory: Drywall, Fiberglass, Galvanized Metal, Wood
Applications: Autobody, Household, Marine

DAP Inc.

DAP's innovative concrete, drywall, plaster, window and wood repair solutions are perfect for completing permanent repairs on damaged surfaces

Subcategory: Concreate & Masonry, Drywall, Plaster, Window Glazing, Wood

DAP's window glazing products adheres tightly to glass and sash and resists sagging, cracking, shrinking and chalking, forming an airtight and watertight seal.

Subcategory: Window Glazing